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Date of Birth:1968/7/22
Place of Birth:Tehran, IRAN.

2008-12 … Ph.D. in Persian, Delhi University. Subject of the thesis: A Study of Mogul Art of Book-making and Ornamentations "Through the Poetry of Orfi Shirazi to Beidel Dehlavi".
1999 … M. A. in Persian Literature from Arak University. Subject of the Thesis: Critical editing of Hasan Sajzi Dehlavi's Sonnets.
1993… Received B. A. in Persian Literature from Azad University, Tehran.
1991… Received A. A. in Theatre (Dramatic Literature), Faculty of Art, Tehran.
1989… Received Distinguished degree in Calligraphy in Nastaliq and Thulth Style, Association of Iranian Calligraphers, Tehran.

2013 ... Tazkira Hayat-e Khoshnewisan, by: Muhammad Husain Alavi (Editor), Majles library, Tehran.
2013 ... Mir'āt ul-Istelāh, Anand Ram Mukhlis, Critical edited in based on 4 manuscripts. with Chander Shakhar & H. Yousefdehi, New Delhi.
2013 ... Muhammad Husain Kashmiri, Peyka're Publication, Tehran.
2013An Introduction to Persian Calligraphy, Farhang Moaser Publication, Tehran.
2012Ādāb al-Mashq, Bābā Shāh Esfahāni, Peyka're Publication, Tehran.
2011The Collection of Essays on calligraphy (Editor), Congress of Shiraz School, The Iranian Academy of the Arts Publication.
2011... Terms of Codicology in the Divān of Bidel Dehlavi, Center of Persian Research, New Delhi.
2007… A History of Literature in Iran, Ayandegan Publication, Tehran.
2004 ... Divān of Hassan Dehlavi Sajzi (Critical edited collection of poems in based on 7 manuscripts), The Society of Cultural Privileges,Tehran.
2003 … Ba Shahriārān-e Sher (The Kings of Poetry), Morvarid Publication, Tehran.
1997… Forouqi Bastāmi (Critical edited collection of poems in based on 10 manuscripts), Rouzaneh Publication, Tehran.
1997 Nargessi Abhari (Critical edited collection of poems based on 5 manuscripts), Rouzaneh Publication, Tehran.
1994 … Treatises on Calligraphy and the related Arts, Rouzaneh Publication, Tehran. (The Vestiges of Training Packages on Calligraphy, Book-making and Ornamentations from 6th to 14th A.H.)
1994 … A Dictionary of Calligraphy and the related Arts, Rouzaneh Publication,Tehran. (new edition published in 2010). English edition in press at BRILL Publication.

Forthcoming Works:
Introducing the Geniuses in Calligraphy, 25 Volumes (Biography and works of the Artists)
Persian Inscriptions in India.
Islamic Calligraphers & Calligraphy in India.

1998 Received the First Rate Award in Book of the Year on Literature (Students Nationwide Festival), Tehran.

2012 Teaching paleography & ink for the students of codicology, Foundation of Iranology, Tehran.
1996-2012 … Supervisor of BA. & MA. Theses (more than 70) in Islamic Arts.
2010 ... Teaching Persian Language and Iranian culture for the students of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Rome, “La Sapienza, Italy, in Department of Persian, University of Delhi.
1998 -2008 …. A University Lecturer in Amir Kabir University, Tehran, Teaching Persian Literature.
1996-2001 …. A University Lecturer in Azad University, Tehran, Teaching typography, History of Calligraphy & etc.

2002-12 ... General Director of Negarestan-e Honar (Arts & Culture Institute).
2009-12 ... A member of TIMA.(The Islamic Manuscripts Association).
2008-9 ... A member of Scientific Committee of Calligraphy in the International Congress of Arts & Culture Ghajar (The Iranian Academy of the Arts).
2008 ... A member of Scientific Committee of Arts & literature. (The Iranian Academy of the Arts)
2007-8 ... Director of Scientific Committee of Calligraphy, Shiraz School Conference (The Iranian Academy of the Arts).
2004 ….. Secretary of Ketab-e Mah, Journal of Art (four Special Issue on Calligraphy), no. 69-72, Tehran.
2002-7 … Director of a research project focusing on Gathering Biography of the Geniuses in Calligraphy in 25 Volumes (the greatest work ever accomplished in the field)
2004-5 ... A member of Scientific Committee of Calligraphy in the International Congress of Arts & Culture Isfahan (The Iranian Academy of the Arts)
2003 ... Referee of Scientific Committee of Arts in the 18th Kharazmi Festival.
2002 ... Referee: International Congress of Calligraphy in the Islamic world. (The Iranian Academy of the Arts)

2013 ... explanation of codicology terms in Indian style of poetry. In Oraq Atiq, vol.3, pp. 160-248, Majles Library.
2013 ... terms of codicology in Mir'āt al-Istilāh of Anindram Mokhlis, pp. 38-67,Name Baharestan, new seri, no.1.
2012 …Treatise of Mohammad Amin on Calligraphy (critical editing), in a Celebration of  Dr. Arif Noushahi, Majles Library.
2011 … The Scribes of Shahnameh, Mirror of Heritage, no. 47, Tehran. 2010...The critical study of Tazkira hoshnevisan by Ghulam Mohammad Haft Qalami Dehlavi, International Seminar, Delhi.
2010 … Delhi’s Past and Present; focus on Persian sources on 13th March at University of  Delhi.
2010... An Introduction of scripts in the manuscripts, Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad on 27th November.
2010 … A Comparison of the use of terminology of Book-making in the poems of Ameer Khusrau and Hasan Dehlavi, International Ameer Khusrau Seminar on 14th November at Diwan-e Ghalib, New Delhi.
2010... An Introduction to Indo Persian calligraphy, in Indian Textual Heritage, National Mission for Manuscripts, Samiksika Series no. 4, New Delhi.
2010 … Shah Mahmood Neyshaboori, Name Baharestan, no.15.
2010 … A Review of the terminological names of Perso-Arabic script in the manuscripts of India, International seminar on Persian & Arabic Manuscripts in India: National Textual Heritage of Composite Culture on 11th December at University of Delhi.
2009 … Scribe & Page layout of Shah Name Baysonghori, Negare, no. 11, Tehran.
2004...A Diachronic View of Writing and Calligraphy, Ketab-e Mah in Arts. no.69 & 70.
2002 ... On Polo-stick & Ball (Critical edited of a Mathnavi-Couplet in based on 4 manuscripts) By Arefi Heravi, Kimia Seasonal Letters, no.4
2000 ... Famous Proverbs and the Unknown Poets. Faslname-ye Farhang-e Zanjan (A Periodicals), no.1. Year 1.Spring.
2001 … Traditional trainings in Arts and the Trainee's Ethics. Jam-e Jam Newspaper, 22 of  December.
1999... Research & Correction of Literary Works in Persian Literature. Printed in the Iran's Face of Culture. Ilam Press. Tehran.
1998 ... A review of Hasan Dehlavi Sajzi and The Effect of India's Saadi on Hafiz. Ketab-e Mah in Literature & 2.
1995…Nastaliq: Iranian National Style of Calligraphy. Abrar Newspaper, no. 2120.
1995... Arts and Ethics in Artists (2) Abrar Newspaper, no. 2137.
1995… Arts and Ethics in Artists (1) Abrar Newspaper, no. 2136.
1991…The Myths in Common Enjoy Common Races, Adabestan, no. 16.

2013 Masterpieces of Persian calligraphy in India, Lecture delivered in Pembroke college, Cambridge University.
2013 Transcription, copy and forgery in Persian calligraphy, Lecture delivered in Pembroke college, Cambridge University.
2012 … Ethics and mores of scribe and calligraphy, Lecture delivered in the Saba gallery, Tehran.
2012 … Ala'ed-din Tabrizi Narrator of Iranian style of Sulth, Lecture delivered in the Iranian Academy of the Arts, Tehran.
2010... A Comparison of the use of terminology of Book-making in the poetry of Ameer Khusrau and Hasan Dehlavi, Lecture delivered in the International Ameer Khusrau Seminar on 14th November at Diwan-e Ghalib, New Delhi. 2006...Biography &Works of Mir Ali al-Kateb .Lecture Delivered In The Congress of From Isfahan School To Heraat School, Heraat.
2006…The Most Brilliant Calligrapher in Shah Abbas's Court.(Ali Reza Abbasi) Lecture Delivered in the congress of Isfahan School of Calligraphy.
2003...Research in Calligraphy is not Inked seared. A talk with Jam-e Jam Newspaper, 22 of July.
2002…Research in Calligraphy. Lecture delivered in the International Congress. of Calligraphers In Islamic World, The Iranian Academy of the Arts, Tehran.

1992...Pakistan, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islam Abad, etc.
2001…Turkey, Istanbul,Topkapi Palace, etc.
2002...Azerbaijan, Baku,ganje, etc.
2002...India, Bombay,Ourang Abad, Elora, Ajanta, Delhi, Khacharahoo, Banaras, etc.
2003…Turkey, Turk & Islam Museum, Konya, Namrood dagh, etc. 2004...Afghanistan, Kabul, Mazar Sharif, Balkh, Herat, etc.
2004...Tajikistan, Doshanbe, Koolab, etc.
2004...Armenia, yervan.
2005…Afghanistan, Ghazni, Qandahar, etc.
2006...Russia, Moscow, Saint Petersbourg, Hermitaj, etc.
2006…Afghanistan, Heart, etc.
2007...India, Delhi, Agra, Bombay, Jeypoor, Banaras, etc.
2008-2012 ...India, Delhi, Panjab, Fathpur Sikri, Hyderabad, Gulconda, etc.
2009… France, Paris, Louvre, Austria, Salzburg. Luxembourg.
2009…Germany, Monessen. Italy, Veins, Florence, Pisa, Rome. Vatican. 2009…Turkey, Istanbul, Konia, Denizli, Pamkola.
2013 ... UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.
2013 ... Uk, London, Cambridge, Oxford.
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