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The Collection of Biography and Works of Calligraphy Geniuses (in 25 volumes)

The Collection of Biography and Works of Calligraphy Geniuses in 25 volumes

The Summary of Presentation of Research:
The Collection of Biography and Works
of Calligraphy Geniuses
Editor: H. R. Ghelichkhani

This collection is the greatest research about calligraphers and manuscripts in Iran which include compile biography and works of 25 masters of calligraphy in 25 volumes. These artists lived from 3rd century A.H. (9th century A.D.) to the end of Qajar period (20th century A.D.). In this research I was the head of the group which was researching since 2004 till 2007. It would be nice to mention that the Iranian Academy of Arts will start to publish this great collection soon. Each one of those volumes has 150 to 200 pages and all the collection contains 1200 pages of research and 2800 pages of image. Images of this collection is selected from 25/000 images of scanned or photographed manuscripts.  25 Artists are as follow:

NoCalligrapherDeath (A.D.)
1Ebn-e Moghle (Farsi)939
2Yaghoot Al-Mostasemi1298
3Ahmad ebn-e Sohrevardi1340
4Jafar Baysonghori (Tabrizi)1404
5Soltan Ali Al-Mashhadi1519
6Mir Ali Al-Kateb (Heravi)1445
7Ekhtiar Al-Monshi1562
8Shah Mahmood (Neishaboori)1574
9Mohammad Husain  Tabrizi1578
10Baba Shah Isfahani1584
11Ala-eddin Tabrizi1601
12Mir Emad Al-Hasani1615
13Ali Reza Abbasi (Tabrizi)1628
14Mohammad Shafi (Heravi)1670
15Ahmad Neirizi1747
16Abd-ol Majid Taleghani1772
17Vesal Shirazi1845
18Asadollah Shirazi1851
19Zein-ol Abedin Isfahani1878
20Mir Hosein1882
21Gholam Reza Isfahani1886
22Mohammad Reza Kalhor1892
23Mohammad Husain Shirazi1898
24Ali Akbar Golestaneh1901
25Mohammad Husain (Emad Al-Kottab)1936

A Dictionary of Calligraphy and the Related Arts, Hamidreza Ghelichkhani, will publishe in English with BRILL soon.

A Dictionary of Calligraphy and the Related Arts


This dictionary contains Islamic Calligraphy words and expressions in general and Nastaligh (Iranians innovation about 14th century A.D) in particular. The words and expressions are mostly those that a calligrapher may need to know, so expressions used in other related arts such as illumination, miniature painting, book binding, tile and impression have also been added to the dictionary.
In preparing these dictionary more than seventy books, manuscripts and articles have been used. A number at the end of each definition indicates the source or sources used for that word or expression. The dictionary also contains a complete bibliography. The subjects with number (1), or in brackets are merely from the writer. The book also contains a report about preparing and arranging the subjects and different obstacles in doing such tasks. At the end of the dictionary there are English -Farsi and a Farsi- English word lists that would be useful for translators and researchers.I hope this dictionary meets the needs of the students and those interested in calligraphy and the related arts.
H. R. Ghelichkhani
Tehran 1993

Note on the Second Edition

The first edition of this dictionary was published in 1994 and in 1995 and 2003 some dictionaries on almost the same subject were published in Lebanon and Turkey.
Since the book is not available in the market this edition -completely revised and enlarged- is published to meet the needs of the researchers and calligraphers.It should be noted that a series of 25 books entitled “The Collection of Biographies and Works of Calligraphy Geniuses” compiled by a group of masters and coordinated by me is under publication and is considered the complementary to this dictionary.
H. R. Ghelichkhani
Tehran 2008
Designer : Mr Mirabootalebi